Shared hosting is hosting more than one site on one server, where the server resources are divided between these sites in order to reduce cost, and it is the most suitable solution for small and medium sites.
We support and provide several different layers for free for all shared hosting plans or managed servers, where we start by analyzing incoming connections to the site through the first layer to detect early intrusion, then relying in the second layer on malicious file detection systems if the hacker succeeds in skipping the first layer (that excluded) It will encounter the protection and insulation layer as a third layer of protection to prevent all possible damage if the first and second layers are skipped. There are also many different layers that run behind the three basic layers.
Of course, you can change the main domain of your hosting, all you have to do is contact the hosting support department by opening a ticket, and you will find us at your service around the clock.
We always use brand new hardware, and only deal with the most famous brands; Sites hosted on SSD hard disks work to ensure the best performance and the highest speed, as periodic tests are conducted for hardware parts, to check their performance and ensure their safety, and replace them when needed.
Yes! Our Plus and Extended Linux shared hosting plans allow you to host more than one Website using cPanel.
Yes, your data is 100% safe and we provide automatic weekly backups. You can easily restore at anytime via the control panel with ease.
Our technical team is always available to assist you 24/7 via email, Phone Call, Whatsapp, tickets, and live chat support.
We accept the following payment methods: INTERNATIONAL PAYMENT Credit/Debit Card: (Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover) PayPal LOCAL PAYMENT Credit/Debit Card: (Visa, Mastercard, Verve) USSD, Mobile Money, Bank Transfer For Bank Transfer, send an email to billing@nomfro.com with a screenshot of your payment for faster confirmation and deployment. Due to the Federal Government’s ban on crypto currency, our bitcoin payment has been temporarily suspended.



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